Birtenshaw School - Monaghan Hardware

Case Study

Birtenshaw School

Location: Bolton, Lancashire

The Birtenshaw School project highlights the quality service provided by Monaghans whose contribution in bringing this fantastic new community rescource to life was appreciated by the entire construction team. The new Birtenshaw School replaces an old building which had served the community of Bolton for the previous 50 years. The new campus building provides state-of the-art educational facilities for profoundly disabled children and young adults. The facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, specialist classrooms, gym, dining rooms, residential accommodation, administrative offices and a wide range of therapeutic facilities.

Architect: Buttress Fuller Alsop Williams

The ironmongery specification consists of:

  • Door hardware in a robust satin aluminium finish with complimentary lock cases and master keyed euro profile cylinders from a single source to ensure maximum compatibility and durability for the school environment.
  • High efficiency door closers offering an easy opening action were chosen to help the door assembly meet the requirements of BS8300 and ADM.
  • The school required a sophisticated access control system and to assist with this we specified and supplied high performance security locks with LED lock monitoring and 3,300lbs holding force. This met the clients requirement for aesthetics and unobtrusive fail safe release.
  • Finger protection products for all doors in the main area of school.
  • Clear door numbering and signage systems throughout the campus to notify students and staff the position and usage of specific rooms.