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Case Study

The Watertower

Location: London

Converting a derelict 130 year old commercial building into a luxury home is never an easy task, but when that building is a water tower, with six foot walls and a massive steel tank at the top then nothing is straight forward.

  • Specified from the outset, the Modis lever handle, manufactured from solid stainless steel with a satin finish, was seen as the perfect combination of design and functionality, a common thread throughout the finish on the build, where the industrial heritage of the building is frequently referenced.
  • The Modis handle uses a discreet insert rose, which allows for the normal usability whilst maintaining a clean design. The unique nature of this feature makes the Modis especially flexible in its use, as seen in the site photo to the right where the handle was used on a door cladded in brick to cleverly disguise the opening.
  •  The consistent use of Modis throughout the project sees the lever handle used in a number of internal situations. The continuity of design in the HAF range ensures all bathroom thumbturns, releases and escutcheons match the specified lever handles.
  • Prompt order and delivery, with simple interactions between the architect, HAF and site made for a seamless and painless specifcation and ordering process.

Architect: ACR Architects